So, I bought this movie on Blu-ray (though I don’t know why because I don’t have a high-def television, but I have a PS3) called ’ 13 ASSASSINS ‘. It’s perhaps the most amazing samurai film to date. A little wild at times, but still super fucking good. After I watched it the first time I almost felt compelled to restart it from the beginning. I couldn’t find any words to describe the film. I don’t know if it’s just me and my taste in movies or if the people I’ve showed the movie to didn’t feel what I felt after watching it the first time. 

The film essentially starts off with a group of men talking about the heinous crimes of this Lord Naritsugu (something like that) and explaining how they must take action. Soon this Sir Dori comes to this Samurai and tasks him with ending the Lord’s life - because if he doesn’t, he will become head advisor to the Shogun himself, thus allowing him to meddle in political affairs, giving him authority to do anything malevolent against the people. With hearing a story and witnessing first hand what the Lord’s future view of a twisted way of Samurai will bring, he accepts this suicide mission and begins gathering a group of the most skilled and enthusiastic, die-hard Samurai. 

The story has been written before but not as gritty and powerful as I thought this particular movie was. Incredible. >___< Definitely check it out or just buy it.

THE SECOND MOVIE: I just finished watching Insidious, I really enjoyed hugging onto something for the first time in years. The movie was intense! I can’t even imagine what it would be like in surround sound. Fucking devastating on the heart. I didn’t know what to expect (which is pretty much the opposite of every horror film since forever) and thought the story was pretty original to my knowledge. XD FUCKING SEE THAT SHIT!